Guinn an 'Education Hero'? You've got to be kidding

August 12, 1999

We at CityLife always have to chuckle when we receive an invitation to an event costing $500 per person. Haven't they noticed this is a free paper?

But a perusal of the fancy invitation we received last week to the Clark County Public Education Foundation's "Education Hero Award Dinner" quickly quelled our good humor when we noticed that the "Education Hero" in question was none other than Gov. Kenny Guinn.

Isn't Guinn the guy who cut per-pupil funding to Clark County schools this year? Isn't he the guy who didn't provide funds for a cost-of-living pay raise to teachers for two years, while giving big raises to his executive assistants? Isn't he the guy who declined to fund a high school dropout prevention program for Clark County, which has one of the nation's highest dropout rates? He's your "Education Hero"? Surely there's a more deserving candidate for such a prestigious honor.

Geoff Schumacher
City Life

Dr. Guinn Nukes the King's English in Elko

May 18, 1998

Discretion being the better part of valor, we did not wear our Neal stickers on our lapels during commencement, but most folks got them. Dr. Guinn (Medicine Man) gave a clearly political speech, which was about as un-fit a commencement address I have ever nodded off to. He continually referred to our school as Great Basin Community College. A simple mistake, perhaps, still, it is actually called Great Basin College. He also also conjugated the word "obsolete" into a verb, coining the new word: "obsolessed," which he used (much to the bewilderment of the English Department) over and over and over again. The Republicans in the crowd seemed to smile to hide their embarrassment, the Democrats smiled "we told you so." So, thanks for sending stuff on. It made a difference.

A Neal supporter at Great Basin College

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Offensive Comment

March 31, 1998

To the editor:

In response to comments made in your newspaper last week by Kenny Guinn regarding property tax relief for senior citizens ("Guinn says tax rebates affordable," March 20): Mr. Guinn is quoted as saying he wants to help seniors living in poor areas, not in Sun City. As a resident of Sun City, I am offended by those comments.

While there are many wealthy people here, there are also many living on fixed incomes who would qualify for tax relief under his plan.

Does he actually want to pass a bill to help senior citizens, except those who live in Sun City?

Las Vegas

Gubernatorial Candidate Guinn
Needs to Address Policy Issues

January 7, 1998

On Dec. 29, gubernatorial candidate Kenny Guinn met with the editorial board of the SUN. Out of that meeting came this quote from Guinn: " I don't think people should elect a governor on issues. They should elect a governor on leadership."

Wow! What a great new paradigm for all elected officials as we approach the 21st century: "I'm a leader. Don't bother me with the issues."

Does it make you wonder how Guinn's approach would have worked at other times in our history?

"I'm Thomas Jefferson. I'm a leader. Don't bother me with the issue of independence."

"I'm Abraham Lincoln. I'm a leader. Don't bother me with the issue of slavery."

"I'm Franklin Roosevelt. I'm a leader. Don't bother me with the issue of the Depression."

This would be hysterical if it weren't for one small problem: Guinn is going to be our next governor.

Isn't he?

Las Vegas