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November-December Barbwires:

Count your blessings and rise refreshed

Christmas 2000 — a scientific snapshot of God

Surviving two Chernobyls in the same week

Humpty Dumpty, court decisions and sexy legs

Wal-Mart walloped by butterfly wings in Reno

INTERNET EXTRA EDITION — Bring on the hog ranch!
Blow-by-blow report from the 7-hour Wal-Mart shootout

Wal-Mart shootout coming to Reno City Hall

Election theft Y2K: 1988 warnings ignored

Follytix Y2K: Reality-based TV vs. cold reality

God watches over small children and drunks

September-October Barbwires:

Vote buying and selling, the American way

Follytix and foolishness: Perennial fall classic

Reno News & Review: Help wanted at Wal-Mart

Double oxymoron: Truth in political advertising

The true face of Nevada gambling

Rules for Wally World on the High Desert Plantation

Don't let the great unwashed go near the water

We'll soon know just how stupid we really are

Rainy Tuesday — the best time I've had in years

Labor Day Y2K: The good, the bad and the ugly

July-August Barbwires:

Las Vegas Special Election Edition — The Gaming Tax Game

Blustery Dudley & Hizzoner Griffin the Gaseous

Gov. Dudley Do-Right rides backwards again

Poltroons and pickpockets in public service

When you hear happy talk, hold onto your wallet

Between baby's breath and song — The Eloise lesson (7-30-2000)

Lectures from this year's betters to the great unwashed (7-23-2000)

Orland Outland — A man to match our mountains (7-16-2000)

I've got them just where I want 'em — I'm surrounded (7-9-2000)

Once again, the awful truth behind high gas prices (7-2-2000)

Hot stock tips: Nader, Bradley, Nevada casinos (6-25-2000)
With friends like these, who needs enemies? (6-18-2000)
Bill Harrah's back and boy, is he pissed! (6-11-2000)
Ron MacLeod: late, great lightning giant of Sparks (6-4-2000)
State cooks the books, media freeze-dry the facts (5-28-2000)
David and Goliath force the worker bees to heel (5-21-2000)
Love bugs, paychecks and rendering unto Caesar (5-14-2000)
The Barbwire Mayday Y2K Golden Screwup Awards (4-30-2000)
Laughing gods for Easter bunnies and black whales (4-23-2000)
Money, death, taxes and the ones that got away (4-16-2000)
The butt-ugly rules of engagement for follytix Y2K (4-9-2000)
Under-reported news from Nevada's house of cards (4-2-2000)
Nevada loses three wise men — Heller, Lynch, Higgins (3-26-2000)
Nader Y2K: Unsafe at any speed for the establishment (3-19-2000)

Et tu, Kenny? Gambling Gov. Guinn stabs at Neal on the Ides of March
          Internet Special Edition (3-15-2000)

Fresh killed dispatches from those in the trenches (3-12-2000)

Fighting for justice on the job and at the gas pump

How now, cash cows? Major players in Big Casino Y2K
Originally published 2/27/00

Battlefield dispatches from the Sagebrush Plantation
Originally published 2/20/00

Political porno: who's doing what, with which & to whom
Originally published 2/13/00

Jan Jones finally debates Sen. Neal
Originally published 2/13/00

Trumping the Donald
Originally published 2/10/00

Punishment of capital: sentence killer corporations to death
Originally published 2/6/00

MapesXecution: the slivered legacy of lesser royalty
Originally published 1/30/00

Special Internet edition:
My heart bleeds for the gambling-industrial complex

Originally published 1/26/00

Mapes continues Reno tradition of selling bad news
Originally published 1/23/00

Proof that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing
Originally published 1/16/00

Over-ruling democracy on the Nevada plantation
Originally published 1/9/00

30 years in the wilderness with pride & prejudice
Originally published 1/2/00


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