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Seven-year investigative series

PUMPING PROFITS — Why does gasoline cost so much?
Read the awful truth in the Barbwire Oilogopoly Archive


Steve Drakulich changed the world from his wheelchair
(Last column of 2002; also published in the Carson City Nevada Appeal and the Ely Times.)

Has the Prince of Peace been forcibly overthrown?

Back to the Future — A Whole Lotta Lootin' Going On

Mona Lisa, the Tiger, the Bear and President Gerald Ford

Harry Potter, Spartacus, Alfred E. Neuman and the cable gods
Internet Special Sidebar: Alfred E. Neuman, Commie Threat

Gov. Dudley Do-Right and the two pieces of cheese

Oddities, postmortems and strange parallels from far away

The Music Man, the Mahatma and Moses the Cowboy

Crystal Ball 2002 — An election day pre-postmortem

Principle Lessons: Big Bad Bill, two good Joes and Jessica

God calls a genuine Nevada heroine home

Government by the Bible comes to Nevada as GOD morphs into GOP

Harsh Reality in the High Desert Outback of the American Dream

Pretty Wendy's 50-year excursion in Nevada's Never-Never Land

Goodwill games Reno and the Kabul YaYa Sisterhood

The ghost of Mary Gojack and the dogs who caught the truck

Abusing the franchise by Democrats and cable TV fatcats

Labor Day 2002 Nevada remains the High Desert Plantation

Labor Day Special Internet Edition

State of the Unions — The Good, the bad & the ugly
Union-endorsed Gov. Dudley Do-Right Supports the Right to Work for Less

Hot August Strike Living on the wages of sin

Bus Lines, Hard Lines and Bloody Lines in the Sand

Hot August Strike 2002 — Deja vu all over again

Litany of broken hopes — A tale of three popes

The Sport of Ethics — Looking in the wrong moral playbook

Body parts & the body politic — Don't let lawmakers sell cheap

Dubya Dealing — Media missed the heart of Harken Energy

Gov. Guinn: Nowhere Man as Likeable Ike and Silent Cal
Expanded from the 7-7-2002 Daily Sparks, Nev., Tribune
Nevada Gov. Kenny Guinn scrutinized under
the James David Barber executive character microscope

A related blast from the past

Judge Clarence Thomas meets Prof. Kingsfield
Expanded from the 9-15-1991 Daily Sparks, Nev., Tribune as reprinted in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Legal Journals, week of 11-25-91

Worshipping the holy shroud of St. Betsy

Leonard Cohen's dark anthem for the post-American century

Floyd Lamb, the man who was 20th Century Nevada

Summer heat — major strikes, near-firings and political strikeouts

Sen. Joe Neal singlehandedly surrounds the opposition

Living on the wages of sin ain't easy in the Silver State

Descendants of mobsters, monopolists, pimps and thieves

Olympic Dreams — Champagne taste on an Oly Beer Budget

Hizzoner harrumphs himself into more self-delusion

Blame plantation psychology for killing police review board

Follytix 2002 — An old lion fades as new ones step forward

If you can't pay your power bill, try a burning bush

High Holy Days 2002 — Unholy sacrifice of the masses

A minor morality play for Palm Sunday

When in doubt, throw the book at 'em

Howard Cannon — Made unto our own image and likeness

Fixed Fights Vol. III — The Good Ole Boy System

Sierra Pacific Powerful — Nevadans face do or die

The fight is fixed, so make your own rules

Who are you going to believe — me, or your own eyes?

Eat raviolis while Enron eats your pension and ups your power bill

Behind the scenes with car thieves and heroes

The unspeakable C-word spawns tar & feathers in Sparks

Barbwire bonus
Las Vegas Sun columnist Ralston blames Democrats for Nevada nuke dump
Newspaper prints Barbano's response setting the record straight
Barbwire readers have known it for years — read the historical summary:
Barbwire 4-13-97:
Pretty Paul Laxalt — Nuking Nevada for Fun and Profit

If I rise refreshed, my prayers have been answered

A futuristic fable on remembering history in order to avoid repeating it

Gov. Dudley Do-Right's Greatest Hits

PUMPING PROFITS — Why does gasoline cost so much?
Read the awful truth in the Barbwire Oilogopoly Archive








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