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Alas, another Barbwire Peerless Predixion Prevails—>Caudill cavorts with Angle's
by Andrew Barbáno
/ Expanded from the 5-1-2019 Sparks Tribune

Washoe Education Support Professionals Union endorses Dr. Debra Feemster

April 16, 2018

Letter to Nevada State AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education Convention, Circus Circus-Reno NV April 16-17, 2018

Send the issue back to the Northern Nevada Central Labor Council

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Andrew Benjamin Caudill is Betsy DeVos in drag. He has been endorsed by Sharron Angle's front group which wants to destroy public education through privatization.

Angle's misleadingly named Washoe Republican Assembly website is replete with endorsements of anti-union, right-wing fundamentalist candidates including the opponents of Reno City Councilmember Naomi Duerr, Washoe County Commissioner Kitty Jung, Commission candidate Greg Smith, Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve and Attorney General candidate Sen. Aaron Ford, D-Las Vegas.

Mr. Caudill's endorsement must be re-evaluated. Organized labor does not turn on its friends. Dr. Debra Feemster, a lifelong educator, was endorsed when she first ran for Washoe County School District Trustee in 2016 and has served with distinction. She and her husband Lonnie Feemster (IBEW 1245 ret.) are lifelong union members.

Mr. Caudill's own website is replete with distortions, errors and less-than-half truths aka fake news. He makes no mention of supporting the Nevada Prevailing Wage (Davis-Bacon) Law with respect to school construction.

He uses Betsy DeVos/Sharron Angle right-wing code throughout: "Belief structures are to be taught at home, not in public school." TRANSLATION: So much for teaching the U.S. Constitution, civics, worker rights, civil rights and the Civil War. Sex education is taboo and Planned Parenthood (by name) is his enemy.

He pulls a number out of his...thin air by asserting that "823 district staff members make $100K+ in total compensation." Perhaps he's running in New York or Los Angeles or FantasyLand. You may read it all for yourself via the top of the front page of

Dr. Feemster was not notified of endorsement interviews although her personal cell number has long been published and was in the files of the council. E-mail is far less reliable than our sisters and brothers at the US Postal Service.

Sharron Angle got her start in politics by running for school board in Nye County. Her biggest accomplishment was preventing the Tonopah High School football team from wearing black jerseys to a playoff game, uniforms the students purchased themselves. Why? Black is the color of the devil.

Mr. Caudill's colors are false. Please send this race back to the Northern Nevada CLC for further review.

Reno-Sparks NAACP
Patricia Gallimore, President (Communications Workers of America Local 9413/AFL-CIO)
Andrew Barbano, First Vice-President;
Editor, (CWA 9413)
Donald Gallimore, Sr., Second Vice-President (CWA 9413)

Sen. Joseph M. Neal, Jr., D-North Las Vegas (ret.)
Nevada State AFL-CIO Lifetime Commitment Award
César Chávez Nevada Labor Hall of Fame

Assemblymember Bob Price, D-North Las Vegas (ret.)
50-year member, IBEW 357-Las Vegas

Inductee, César Chávez Nevada Labor Hall of Fame
UPDATE in Memoriam
Bob Price, hall of fame Nevada lawmaker, union man and lifelong critic of casino corporate welfare, died 4 Jan. 2019
Las Vegas assemblymember tried to stop casino campaign contributions and paid the price.
Guitarist and friend of Elvis was 82

Danny Thompson, Former Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Nevada State AFL-CIO
César Chávez Nevada Labor Hall of Fame

John Mayer, Career Educator
Former Councilmember, City of Sparks
Trustee, WCSD

Bob Fulkerson, Executive Director
PLAN Action

Tim Feutsch, Principal
Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Elementary School
Educator for 40 years, 29 with WCSD
11 years with Our Lady of the Snows
Former President of the WCSD Administrators Association

Ted Hunsberger, Administrator (ret.)
Washoe County School District

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Washoe County Republican Assembly 2018 Primary Endorsements from its FB page
The Washoe County Republican Assembly and its national parent organization, the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, have no affiliation with any state or local government.

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