Yellow Ribbon Rants

Addendum to the Barbwire of the Sunday, 5-30-2004, Daily Sparks, Nev., Tribune



Yes, tie those yellow ribbons.

More importantly, encourage everyone you know to read the newspapers, listen to any news outlet, listen to the candidates, watch AND listen to Bush & Co. make idiots of every American soldier & civilian, mock the democratic process, mock the 9-11 dead and their grieving families, listen to those families try to make their cases against the current war & the lack of commitment from the Bushies to catch & prosecute Osama, steal oil from the American people with impunity (you know, this is old stuff; it has been happening at every holiday for the decades I've been paying attention) as prices go up & up, more & more jobs are lost, food costs rise, but oil companies continue to reap record profits.


Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 wins the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival

Mike on the road with Crackers the Corporate Crime-Fighting Chicken.

Watch as Bush screws us again with another Haliburton-style snow job when that prison is demolished & another built on-site. Someone over here has to be paid back for a really big Bush campaign contribution and that is the sole motivation. Build a new prison; who will foot the cost? France, Guatemala, Tierra del Fuego??? No, me, you, and every other idiot that didn't scream loud enough when that bastard stole the election, lied again & again about getting Osama's relatives out of this country hours BEFORE the 9-11 attack; why he attacked Sadam (who didn't deserve to live anyway, but was the Oswald patsy in this Shakespearean tragedy); uses taxpayer money to attend college grad ceremonies, but not his own children's, as a ruse to secure donations so he can buy another election.

If anyone needs a suggestion as to where to tie those yellow ribbons, certain necks come to mind, not to mention anywhere on the White House, where the biggest living, lying, stuttering, alcoholic, can't say his name or a 3 word message without the aid of a TelePrompTer and still screws it up, who can't read, blocks hundred of thousands of Hispanic & other minority children from entering the Head Start programs thru-out this country, YELLOW STREAKED COWARD THAT EVER LIVED has permission to denigrate the military records of Kerry & John McCain (for which that the bastard (should) beg forgiveness from Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barry Goldwater, and Richard Nixon, who he has surpassed in skullduggery, deceit, and overt mental disability.

Gee, I think I got carried away!

A famous person once said, "Anyone who doesn't get carried away, should be!"


My yellow ribbon is already tied round the old oak tree! I say BRING THEM HOME! I certainly wouldn't want my 26 year son fighting an unjust war.

— LORETTA, from somewhere in Louisiana
too painfully near Crawford, Texas


A funny thing happened to me on the way home last night. :))) Not the first time I've taken a fork in the road as you may have surmised. Actually it's not really a fork or a turn...rather something I already believed in strongly, that being in regard to the war in Iraq. Kent and I visited with one of his friends and co-workers: Warren Buzzel, and he wants to tie yellow ribbons around trees to show two things: His support for our brave troops around the world AND his strong belief that it's time they come home, safely.

Warren, like myself and Kent and possibly many many others...have great respect for our hard working and brave military in Iraq...but he, and we, don't see a reason for them to be there, at this time.

Please don't misunderstand...this is not a wussy thing and it is not a protest against the US going after those who attack OUR soil! What we would like to see happen, is for our country to unite against those who are attacking us and creating terror...Iraq is a totally different issue and often confused with terrorists...while there may be SOME terrorists there.. the policy and the war seems to be about something else altogether and is in fact slowing down efforts to find Al-Qaeda rebels and leaders.

We have Saddam.we've searched for WMD's...for whatever good that, let's
get our people home and if they MUST BE IN HARMS WAY> let's at least send them after the real bad guys; anyone/anywhere that have attacked us. That would require a lot of money and people-power, since these rebels seem to be everywhere around the world-even MORE REASON to stop wasting lives and money on Iraq!

Iraq did not fly airplanes into the World Trade Centers....let's go after the people who were behind those attacks...but let's bring our people back from Iraq so they can protect US where ever that protection may actually be needed. If you feel the same, please join Warren in his efforts by tying yellow ribbons anywhere and everywhere you can this Memorial Day, in support of all the men and women who have protected us over the years, as well as, in support of ending the war in Iraq and bringing our people home
safely and with respect.

Thank You.

Martha Liou
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