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The driven star: Paul Newman remembered
Addendum to the 9-28-2008 Barbwire

[The above was published for the 1979 Can-Am racing season. With utmost respect, the editor offers his personal apologies to Bruce McLaren, Denis Hulme and Mark Donohue, among many others, for the overblown hype.]


One thing about Paul Newman that was very touching to me was that the guy was not only nice he always remembered our conversations and would subsequently ask me every time I saw him about my life (I was amazed that he even remembered talking to me). Every single time I saw him he took a minute to say hello and ask me how things were in Reno and about my family.

Each time I saw him at a race he would actually go out of his way to say hello to me which was amazing considering the fact that the poor guy was constantly swarmed by people. He would deliberately poke his head around the 50 or so people surrounding him and acknowledge little me...just a plain gal from Reno. It took me a long time to go out of my way to say hi because...yes...I was star struck and I would get scared that he would not acknowledge me. But he did, time after time after time. I actually expected him to ignore me ...I mean come on he was Paul Newman! But he never did...not once.

I learned a profound life lesson from Paul and that was how important it is to remain humble and to remember people no matter what.

One day we were all sitting in a motor home (I was still star struck and could not believe I was even near the man) it was starting to rain and before he walked out he said "hey Pam, don't forget your raincoat".

Kind, considerate and humble. Lessons learned from a great man.

Pamela Peri
Yerington, Nevada

Additional remembrances of Paul Newman will be most welcome.

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