Remembrances of a great leader and good friend

"Another Elvis has left the building" — Anonymous


Rest In Peace former Assemblyman Bob Price. One of my fondest memories of my time down as an intern at the Legislature 20 years ago was hanging out with him. In a building where levity is not always found, his office was adorned with Alien memorabilia and in his seat in the Assembly Chamber sat an inflatable Alien doll much to the chagrin of then Speaker Joe Dini. He loved his state. He loved its people. In his heyday, as chair of the Assembly Taxation Committee he was a champion of the little guy and the disadvantaged and was fearless in taking on the state’s powerful special interests. He always made time for people no matter who they were or where they came from. His smile was infectious. His widow Nancy, who is special in her own right, was the love of his life and was entirely devoted to him. I wish her and the rest of their family my sincere condolences. I am confident I join a very long line of Nevadans who loved him and will miss him greatly. — WILLIAM PUCHERT, RENO

I first became aware of Bob Price by name during his first term as an Assemblyman (in 1975). He would amuse us with his guitar playing. Of course, I had become somewhat acquainted with him as a good person during the time we were attempting to integrate the building trades unions in the late sixties. He assisted me in integrating the Electrical Union 357. He became the business manager of the local. It was Bob who gave me the idea that the base point for integration of the building and trades unions required getting enough minority members to affect union elections.

We served on a Nuclear Waste Committee which had been put together by the National Council of State Legislatures. We went on a fact-finding trip to visit a Duke Power Plant radiation site in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. A young white lady was driving us. So I took a seat on the passenger side up front. In the kindest way possbile, Bob reminded me that I was not in Nevada, but in the South.

Bob said “Joe, let me sit up front. I would like to take some pictures.”

I had been to Memphis, Tennessee, during the Carter presidential re-election campaign and experienced the bigotry of the local white populace at that time. I was driving a group of white Nevadans to diner when a white fellow attempted to ram my car. As I recalled, I did not make eye contact with the guy. This may have further pissed him off because I did not seem to respond to his invective by showing fear but kept on driving. I am not sure whether Bob Price was in the car. I know that (Las Vegan) Harriet Trudell was inside along with about five other white persons.

Bob was much more aware than I of the danger (the environment) posed to me and the group with us had I stayed in the front seat of a van being driven by a white lady in rural Tennessee. Knowing Bob at the time to be of southern birth, I could not think of his action being other than magnanimous. We became true friends; a Southern Black boy from Mounds, Louisiana, and a white guitar picker from Florida. – SEN. JOSEPH M. NEAL, JR., D-NORTH LAS VEGAS (Ret.)

I'm sure Elvis was the first to greet him. — A friend

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