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CWA Local 9413 endorses John Edwards for president

RENO, Nevada, 12-6-2007 — The Communications Workers of America in Nevada today announced endorsement of Sen. John Edwards for president.

Communications Workers of America Local 9413 represents both active and retired members throughout the state of Nevada. 

CWA in Nevada becomes the first CWA local to endorse a presidential candidate in this election cycle. The union's support of Senator Edwards is due to his long history of fighting for organized labor and middle class families. 
Nevada CWA members include over 4,000 active and retired workers at employers like AT&T, Wireless Companies and the Job Corps Center as well as some public sector operations.

The union has always been a strong advocate for improving the quality of life for workers by fighting for access to healthcare, secure retirement and fair trade policies.

Nevada CWA joins several other Silver State labor unions in endorsing Sen. Edwards, including the Steelworkers, Carpenters and Transport Workers, giving the Edwards campaign the largest block of labor support in the state. 

"John Edwards has spent his entire career fighting for working families and organized labor," said CWA Local 9413 President Chuck Benway.

"His rural background, his support for Second Amendment rights, his resolute nature, his willingness to act and fight for working families, and his leadership on issues like universal health care and trade were essential in securing the endorsement," Benway added.

CWA International Representative John Doran said "We support Sen. Edwards' commitment to the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) and his belief that if a worker can sign a card to join either the Republican or Democratic Party, he or she should be able to sign a card to join a union without going through an anti-union election or fear of reprisals from an employer."

"John Edwards' ability to campaign throughout the entire county and win in the general election in 2008 played a critical role in this endorsement," Tony Bixler, CWA District 9 Vice-President said.

"We are excited about his momentum in Iowa and look forward to capitalizing on
that momentum in Nevada in January," Bixler noted.

"He will bring down the wall around Washington that prevents us from being one America, where everyone has the same opportunities to work hard and get ahead," stated Liz Sorenson, CWA Local 9413 Executive Vice-President.

"With less than 50 days until the Nevada Caucus, we look forward to working closely with our brothers and sisters in labor and the Edwards campaign to bring a victory on January 19," she added.



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