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Former Teamsters Local 533 business agent Don Bouma dies
Memorial service set for May 27, 2012, in Sacramento

Don Harold Bouma, 1945-2011

DAYTON, NEV. 12-21-2011 — Harold Don Bouma was born March 15, 1945, and passed on December 21, 2011, at his home in Dayton, Nevada. Don attended Ontario Christian High School, then married his high school sweetheart Dortha Swires in 1964. Don was soon shipped off to the army, served his term in Vietnam and then returned home to Chino to start a family. Don worked as a contractor and for General Telephone. They moved to Wadsworth, Nevada, in 1977. Don worked as a gravel truck driver and then later became a union business agent for Teamsters Local 533 until he retired. Don leaves behind his daughter, Dawn (Rick Eimer), son Daniel Bouma (Sandi); grandsons Daniel, Bryce and Seth; four sisters and one brother. He was preceded in death by his wife, Dottie, and parents Harold and Dena Bouma. Funeral arrangements are pending. (Condolences and testimonials may be sent to the editor of this website for permanent posting. Reno Gazette-Journal subcontractor will post remembrances only through Jan. 31, 2012.)

UPDATE (4-29-2012) — We will have a celebration for my dad's life on May 27 in Sacramento at his brother's house. If anyone is interested in attending they can email me at for more information.  Thank you for sharing this information. Thanks, Dawn Bouma Eimer

Teamsters blast Fallon layoffs targeting union workers

Michael Sealy, Sr.
IBT 533 Business Agent

Unions may grieve city layoffs
Posted May 12, 2011
By Maddie Reynolds, Staff Writer
Lahontan Valley News/Fallon Eagle-Standard 5-13-2011

A grievance against the city of Fallon could be filed for a violation of the collective bargaining agreement with Teamsters Union Local 533 and Operating Engineers Local 3/AFL-CIO...

"It's been an absolute nightmare," (Teamsters Business Agent Mike) Sealy added...

Joey Peterson, former electrical lineman...moved across the country for the job he said was promised to last him for 20 years, yet it only lasted three.

"This town offers me nothing now," Peterson said.

"I won't raise my children here."

Peterson said he has a hard time seeing the justification of all the layoffs when he said union members were willing to accept a salary decrease if a contract could be agreed upon.

"It's a sad thing the city decided to take this route. They could have saved a lot of jobs," an anonymous source said. The source, an employee and union member, said he feels his job is threatened...

Read the full Lahontan Valley News/Fallon Eagle-Standard story

In the News

Nevada unions show solidarity with those in Wisconsin
Reno Gazette-Journal 2-21-2011

Nevada union members rallied Monday in support of state workers staging protests in Wisconsin with a simple message: What is happening there could just as easily happen in Nevada.

Debbie Calkins
Secretary-Treasurer & Principal Officer
She is the first woman to head the union.

“We have some legislators who want to take away bargaining rights,” said Debbie Calkins of Teamsters Local 533 in Reno, one of an estimated 300 who rallied in front of the Nevada Legislature on Monday, with hundreds more participating at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building in Las Vegas.

Teamsters Union Local 533 members in front of the Nevada State Legislature in Carson City at the President's Day Solidarity with Wisconsin Rally, Feb. 21, 2011.

Local 533 has more 2,300 members at a wide range of public and private sector organizations throughout northern Nevada and eastern California. The union's jurisdiction covers 180,000 square miles, from Bishop, Calif., to Tonopah and Ely, Nev., on the south, Cedarville, Calif., to the northwest and the Nevada/Idaho/Utah border to the east. photos

New Starting Lineup

INSTALLATION OF 2011-2013 OFFICERS (Jan. 20, 2011) — Teamsters Local 70 Secretary-Treasurer Marty Frates, standing at right, representing Teamsters Joint Council 7, swears in newly-elected Local 533 officers (standing, left to right) Mike Hall, Dana Elwell, Victor Flores, Robert Zamora, Gary Watson and Debbie Calkins.

"Everything they deal with is a negative trying to make a positive," Frates told the members in attendance.

"Have you considered that whenever they are called, it's because something is wrong?

"Work together to make things better for everybody. Just remember, it's a way of life, it's not a job."

Marty Frates

Elected Officers and Executive Board
Effective Jan. 1, 2011

Name / Position / Union Signatory Employer or Former Employer

Debbie Calkins, Secretary-Treasurer / Principal Officer / UPS
Gary Watson, President / UPS/Luce & Son
George Thrower, Vice-President / Regional Transportation Commission
Robert Zamora, Recording Secretary / UPS
Dana Elwell, Trustee / Model Dairy
Victor Flores, Trustee / Waste Management, Inc.
Mike Hall, Trustee / Chugach (support services) @ Naval Air Station-Fallon LOCAL 533 ARCHIVES Teamsters 533 home page

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Links to 16-year Teamsters 533 news-photo-strike archives starting with the 1997 UPS strike

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