Dolores Monica Mendocino Feemster

SPARKS, NEVADA (25 May 2018) — Reno-Sparks NAACP matriarch and former president Dolores Feemster passed away in the 5:00 a.m. hour on Friday, May 25, 2018, at Northern Nevada Medical Center in Sparks, Nevada. She was 89. The U.S. civil rights community and all Nevada mourn. She was born in a house on Morrill Avenue in Reno on May 24, 1929. She celebrated her 89th birthday with her family yesterday. Memorial services are set for June 9. With Elder Bill Moon and Eddie Scott, the Reno-Sparks Branch has lost three former presidents in the past year. We carry forward in their honor.

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   Reach out your hand
If your cup is empty
   If your cup is full
may it be again
   Let it be known
There is a fountain
   That was not made
By the hands of men

Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia


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Mother Dolores: Our village loses its patron saint
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Reno loses civil rights activist, matriarch Dolores Feemster
By Anjeanette Damon / Sunday 5-27-2018 / Reno Gazette-Journal — Memorial Day, 5-28-2018

Darryl K. Feemster, Sr., 1962-2017



THE LAST HURRAH WITH MOTHER DOLORES ON MOTHERS' DAY (5-13-2018) — Reno-Sparks NAACP matriarch Dolores Feemster at a Mothers' Day visit from family and friends. Left to right, front row: Grand-daughter Erica Young (who gave grandma a sparkling manicure); Dolores' daughter Cheryl Feemster and the guest of honor herself. Back row: Branch Second Vice-President Donald Gallimore, Sr.; Branch President Patricia Gallimore; Gallimore grand-daughters Kira and Diora; Executive Committee Member and Branch Legal Redress Committee Chair Victor Wowo; First Vice-President and Political Action Committee Chair Andrew Barbano; Past-President, Education Chair and son Lonnie L. Feemster, Jr.; future president Shannon Gallimore. [Photo: Carolyn Feemster Page, daughter] | U-News | Bulletins + Almanac
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