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Happy High Holly Days to all
Merry Christmas/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Festivus/Chanukah/Thanksgibleting
Feliz Navidad, próspero año y felicidad

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année !
HAPPY NEW YEAR / Feliz Año Nuevo
/ Felice Anno Nuovo
Frohe Weihnachten und beste Wuensche fuer 2022

HAT TRICK: Teamsters mass transit 3-strike wins named 2021 top story
Union "out-messaged" foreign bus management contractor
By Bob Conrad / ThisIsReno.com / 12-30-2021

Feliz Navidad, próspero año y felicidad
1. Jesus of Nazareth had blue eyes and blonde hair.
2. Buddha is a Christian saint.
3. Christianity existed more than 600 years before Jesus.

If you missed all three, you really need to read on.

Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 12-29-2021

Betty J. Barbano
2-7-1941 / 12-27-2005
Remember her kindness and laughter

Death Panels for Christmas
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 12-22-2021

You will remember the Ides of December
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 12-15-2021

The Cure for What Ails Us, Part IV
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 12-8-2021

St. Andrew's Day in Scotland & BarbwireLand
Be well. Raise hell. Stay safe. Ciao.

Happy High Holly Days to all
Merry Christmas/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Festivus/Chanukah/Thanksgibleting
Feliz Navidad, próspero año y felicidad

HAPPY NEW YEAR / Feliz Año Nuevo
/ Felice Anno Nuovo
Frohe Weihnachten und beste Wuensche fuer 2022

Agreement ends Bus Strike 3
Did St. Andrew intervene?

I want my $10,000.00, dammit!
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 12-1-2021

Happy Thanksgibleting: Grueling gruel from the cruel
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 11-24-2021


Striking picketers fired on in Reno
4 of 6 hit with rock salt & BB-gun rounds
Bus strikers continue to refuse three-year pay cut

GARY WATSON, President
Teamsters Union Local 533
(775) 348-6060 ext. 104

Links, recent archives & 3+ decades of Teamsters/RTC history at NevadaLabor.com

RENO, Nev. USA (November 19, 2021 / 17:24:22 PST) — Six Teamsters Union picketers were fired upon in downtown Reno at about 4:50 p.m. PST (00:50 GMT 11-20). Four were hit while marching in the proximity of the E. 4th Street bus terminal in the hotel/casino district. The shots were fired from a red pickup truck.

"I told my members to call 911 and immediately informed Reno Police Chief Jason Soto and Deputy Chief Tom Robinson," stated Teamsters Local 533 President Gary Watson.

"Even supposedly non-lethal rounds can do serious damage, especially to someone's eyes," Watson said.

Reno Police are on scene right now and the union has been informed that the pickup's rider(s) may be shooting at others in the downtown area.

The union went on strike a third time in four months when the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County's foreign contractor insisted on a non-negotiable below-inflation pay scale which would amount to a three-year pay cut.

BB found on site of picketers assault on November 19

Local 533 has represented Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County transit system employees since 1987. Chartered in 1934, Teamsters Local 533 represents about 2,200 workers in various trades throughout northern Nevada and eastern California, including about 200 RTC/Keolis workers. The three dozen-plus member unions of the Northern Nevada Central Labor Council/AFL-CIO voted for strike sanctions before the Hot August Strike. They supported the second work stoppage during "Striketober" and have done so again with Strike 3 now on the streets.

The United Labor Agency of Nevada has helped arrange a strike fund. Please send checks to United Labor Agency of Nevada, 1201 N. Decatur Blvd. Suite 106, Las Vegas, NV 89108; Attn: Teamsters Keolis Strike. OR...


Sign the FIRE KEOLIS petition

RTC Washoe Contact Information — Utilize frequently

The Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County is comprised of Sparks Mayor Ed Lawson (R), Washoe County Commissioners Vaughn Hartung (R) and Bob Lucey (R); Reno City Councilmembers Oscar Delgado (D) and Neoma Jardon, (R), board chair. RTC board e-mail <rtcpubliccomments@rtcwashoe.com>, bthomas@rtcwashoe.com (RTC Executive Director Bill Thomas),

delgadoo@reno.gov (Reno Councilmember Oscar Delgado-D),
vhartung@washoecounty.us (Washoe County Commissioner Vaughn Hartung-R),
jardonn@reno.gov (Reno Councilmember/RTC Chair Neoma Jardon-R),
elawson@cityofsparks.us (Sparks Mayor Ed Lawson-R),
blucey@washoecounty.us (County Commissioner Bob Lucey-R),
bthomas@rtcwashoe.com (RTC Executive Director Bill Thomas),
rtcpubliccomments@rtcwashoe.com (RTC board e-mail),

Teamsters Union 533 Strike War Room

Y11/19 ShotsFired/Strike3/Keolis-19/ibt/Unews/opsn21



Ghosts of Christmas past bite us on the ass
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 11-17-2021

Help rebuild Nevada's infrastrucure and create Nevada jobs
By Rob Benner / Building & Construction Trades Council of Northern Nevada/AFL-CIO/ Reno Gazette-Journal op-ed 11-17-2021

Who said the special legislative session would be a bore?


Sat, 13 Nov. 2021 19:18:26 PST / 03:18:26 GMT 14 November)
From: Robert Benner
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2021 19:18:16 -0800
Subject: Action Alert: Special Guests at Teamsters Picket TOMORROW!

Brothers and Sisters:

Join Nevada State AFL-CIO Executive Secretary-Treasurer Susie Martinez and allies of labor from the Nevada State Assembly (including Assemblymembers Bea Duran and Michelle Gorelow, both D-Clark County) on the Teamsters Local 533 picket line tomorrow at 9:00 AM! [UPDATE: LOOK WHO SHOWED UP.]

WHEN: Sunday, November 14 at 9:00 AM
WHERE: 4th Street Station (downtown) at 200 E. 4th Street, Reno, NV
WHY: Come stand in solidarity with Teamsters 533 as they carry on their fight for a fair contract!

Please bring masks and respect all COVID safety precautions.

In Solidarity,

Northern Nevada Central Labor Council




Bus system overlords go on strike
Why did RTC chickens cross the road? To avoid voters!
Regular RTC meeting cancelled while system collapses
Bus strikers continue to refuse three-year pay cut and call for executive director's resignation

BREAKING NEWS: Reno inflation hits 7%
Reno is in the Mountain Division and its CPI (cost of living index) went from 6% in September to 7% in October
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics / 11-10-2021

Gee, now the Teamsters' demand for a 17.4% pay raise for mass transit workers seems quite reasonable compared to the bus system's "last-best offer" (an inflation-eroded pay cut) of 12% for three years or 4% annually. The union has demanded a pay increase of 5.3% to 6.3%. The midpoint is 5.8% per year, or 17.4% over three years, below the 7%/21% current rate which everyone hopes will go down as the economy recovers from the plague.

IS 18 PERCENT ENOUGH? Reno is in the top 10 cities nationally for year-over-year rent increases according to Apartment Guide (KRNV TV-4 10-4-2021). Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment broke $1,600.00 for the first time ever in the second quarter. (RGJ.com 8-16-2021)

Strike 3: Washoe transit workers walk off again
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 11-9 & 11-10-2021

STRIKE 3 hit the streets at Eee-Yo-Leven a.m. Nov. 9
LANDSLIDE—Union members vote 9 to 1 to walk
Third Washoe/Carson bus strike in four months
Foreign contractor offers $1,000 bribes to take pay cuts

Teamsters Union: Third Mass Transit Strike Imminent
By Bob Conrad / ThisIsReno.com 11-4-2021

By Bob Conrad / ThisIsReno.com 11-7-2021

Bus system bosses' best offer busted
Lower level casino jobs offer more
Mike Pilcher Guest Commentary / ThisIsReno.com / 11-8-2021

Teamsters Union 533 Strike War Room


Pitchforks, torches, mensches, tar & feathers
Moonhowlers on Steroids
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno
Substantially updated from the Sparks Tribune 11-3-2021

Ripoffs, Riches, Riots, Rhymes and R-ratings
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 10-27-2021

All local dialing is now like long distance as of 12:00:01a.m. Oct. 24, 2021

"We don't care. We don't have to. We are the phone company and we are omnipotent."
— Lily Tomlin as Ernestine the Switchboard Operator from Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

Date: Sat., 23 Oct 2021 16:24:20 -0700 *
To: news@nevadalabor.com
From: Andrew Barbano <barbano@frontpage.reno.nv.us>
Subject: Every phone call is now long distance

Dear Media Types:

Only two Reno-based TV stations and ThisIsReno.com have run stories about today's midnight switch to 10-digit dialing. Tomorrow, when Aunt Susie calls Uncle Charley, she may panic that his phone's disconnected.

Worse, if Uncle Charlie has a 988 Nevada prefix, anyone dialing his number without the area code might get the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, a very worthy undertaking but it might scare Aunt Susie to death.

FCC info: https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/ten-digit-dialing

The above link notes that the direct 988 suicide hotline forwarding number "will be available nationwide by July 16, 2022." It does not say if the rollout will be phased in or if any areas are already up and running. In the interim, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number of 1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK) will remain in effect. Chat at https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat/

Good luck, Aunt Susie.

Some area codes are already 10-digit, so perhaps the public service hook represents clever spin to blunt public outcry which they may have already experienced. The system needed tweaking. In recent years, I have made "local calls" from Reno to, e.g., Yerington or Minden and found that I often needed to use 775 and sometimes 1-775 before the 7-digit number. The FCC site says that California and Illinois 708 will have to dial a "1". Once again, Nevada stands erased from the big picture.
'Twas ever thus a'movin' west.

Here's an AT&T bill stuffer from last February. Nothing appeared in last week's U.S. Postal Service billings.

All three Nevada area codes are affected as well as many in California. I don't get around much anymore and didn't know we had three (775, 702, 725). Here's the list: https://www.att.com/support/article/smb-digital-phone/KM1195588/

I strongly suggest you move items thru your systems if you are not already doing so.

Keep up the good work and the good fight.

Stay safe (snow's comin').

Take care of each other and be careful out there.

¡ se puede!

Be well. Raise hell. / Esté bien. Haga infierno. (Pardon my Spanglish.)
être bien, élever l'enfer (Pardon my French.)
Stammi bene. Scatenare l'inferno. (And Italian.)

Andrew Quarantino Barbano
(775) 747-0544

Andrew Quarantino Barbano is a 52-year Nevadan and editor of NevadaLabor.com, SenJoeNeal.org, BallotBoxing.US, ConsumerCoalitionv.com, Rentvolution.org, MIssissippiWestNV.org and CesarChavezNevada.com among others. He is a longtime member of the Reno-Sparks NAACP. As always, his comments are entirely his own. Barbwire by Barbano has originated in the Sparks Tribune since 1988. E-mail <barbano@frontpage.reno.nv.us

*UPDATED 10-24-2021





AT&T funded a pro-Trump cable network / Washingon Post / Reuters
Via DailyKos.com / 10-15-2021


Jacob Marley's Freakers Ball @ City Hall
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 10-20-2021



RTC bus strike ends, negotiations to continue
By Jason Hidalgo / rgj.com 10-21-2021 / Reno Gazette-Journal front page lead story 10-22-2021


(RENO, Nev.) — Teamsters Local 533 has reached a tentative agreement with Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County mass transit contractor Keolis Transit on scheduling, time off and a number of other issues. Union members begin returning to work tomorrow after striking for the second time in three months. Negotiations on remaining contract articles will resume on October 28 as they work towards finalizing a new collective bargaining agreement which must be ratified by majority vote.
     "We have reached a tentative agreement on the bidding procedures which were the issue in the recent strike," stated Local 533 President Gary Watson.
    "A compensated shop steward will now oversee all scheduling bids and the bidding process," he added.
    "We also settled 18 other items. Next week, we begin bargaining over wages and pension provisions and grievance procedures," Watson stated.
    "We still have economic and non-economic issues to resolve, For instance, we tentatively agreed on paid lactation breaks for nursing mothers, reasonable intervals not to exceed 20 minutes in a clean and locked room designated for lactation.
    "Victims of domestic violence will receive three days of paid leave where state law only allows for 20 unpaid days. Keolis will now have less time to discipline employees. Members in maintenance will receive $150 more per year in boot allowance and $400 more in tool allowance per year. Many other items were either maintained or improved. 
    "Reno City Councilmember and RTC Chair Neoma Jardon observed the last two days of negotiations and will be involved when we meet to bargain the rest starting October 28. We hope to complete negotiations with the company on compensation, disciplinary rules and other issues within the next two to three weeks. Then, the members can vote.
    "Between both of the strikes our members stood strong on the line for 35 days and they are ready to pound the pavement again if provoked. They educated the passengers and the public, they marched to city hall and delivered passionate statements at RTC board meetings.
    "Most importantly they took care of each other when a sister or brother was down and out," Watson said.
    “Working class people need to know it’s time for us to unite,” said Local 533 Driver and Shop Steward Michael Lansborough who serves on the negotiating committee.
    “Taxpayers need to unite not only individually by forming unions, but also unite as a whole to beat down this corrosive corporate attitude that companies can just walk all over anyone and everyone,” Lansborough added.
    Chartered in 1934, Teamsters Union Local 533 represents about 2,200 workers in various trades throughout northern Nevada and eastern California, including about 200 RTC/Keolis employees.


Tue, 19 Oct 2021 18:13:43 (PDT) / 01:13:43 GMT 10-20-2021 —
From: Gary Watson <gary@teamsters533.org>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2021 18:13:38 -0700
Subject: Tentative Agreement on Bidding - Strike is Over
To: gary@teamsters533.org, Debbie Calkins <debbie@teamsters533.org>,
Chris Fuqua <chris@teamsters533.org>, Ross Kinson <ross@teamsters533.org>
Bcc: barbano@frontpage.reno.nv.us

Brothers and Sisters:

We have reached a tentative agreement on the bidding procedures (Document Attached). The 20% on the extra board will now have a home with a weekly block bid. The 80% will continue to bid cafeteria style. We have also reached tentative agreements on roughly 18 other articles. We still have open items such as Management Rights, Grievance Procedure, Holidays, Pension, Wages and Drug and Alcohol. We will be meeting with the company on October 28, 2021 to continue the bargaining process.

The strike has officially ended as of this tentative agreement on bidding. Members can go back to work tomorrow, (Wednesday) but on Wednesday you will be subject to drive what the company has available. On Thursday at 12:01am you will return to full service and your normal bid.

On behalf of the 533 Leadership and the Bargaining Committee, we are all proud of each and every one of you that showed heart and dedication on the Picket Line. You stood strong, so we could continue to fight on!

In Solidarity,

Debbie Calkins, Gary Watson, Chris Fuqua, Ross Kinson, Michael Guerra, Pepp Monteleon, Eric Martelle, Michael Lansborough, Carl Kincaid,  Amanda Nelson & Jennifer Fenton

Update 5:44 p.m. PDT 10-19 / 00:44 GMT 10-20-2021 — KOLO TV-8 is reporting that Regional Transportation of Washoe County Chair Neoma Jardon has tweeted that the Teamsters transit strike is over after 23 days and that service will resume on Thursday. All three RTC services will provide free rides for the next month.

Teamsters 533 President Gary Watson told KTVN TV-2 News that 80 percent of issues had been agreed upon but that does not mean another strike cannot happen. Additional talks are scheduled. As always, union members must vote to ratify a new contract. Stay tuned.

Tue, 19 Oct 2021 15:09:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: Gary Watson <gary@teamsters533.org>
Subject: Important Announcement

Brothers and Sisters:

I have a very important announcement to make, all members should be on the Picket Line at 4pm at 4SS (4TH STREET STATION IN DOWNTOWN RENO).

Very Important!

In Solidarity,

Gary Watson, President
Teamsters Local 533
(775) 348-6060 ext. 104

Continuing Updates
Teamsters Local 533 strikes foreign-owned RTC bus contractor Keolis Transit


CHICKEN SPIN: Regional Transportation Commission and Keolis-19 shovel their barnyard

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2021 17:41:48 -0700
To: news@nevadalabor.com
From: Andrew Barbano <barbano@frontpage.reno.nv.us>
Subject: RTC reneges on Uber/Lyft vouchers
Cc: Gary Watson <gary@teamsters533.org> , bthomas@rtcwashoe.com, neomajardon@yahoo.com, Neoma Jardon <jardonn@reno.gov>, mmaloney@rtcwashoe.com, mmoreno@rtcwashoe.com, Denise Thompson <dthompson@rtcwashoe.com>, Lauren Ball <LBall@rtcwashoe.com>,

TO: News Media
From: Andrew Barbano

This just came in from a striking Teamsters driver: "Passengers trying to get vouchers at (downtown Reno's) 4th Street Station are being denied (Uber/Lyft vouchers) if they are running a bus on that route regardless of frequency."

You may find a story therein. I will send a copy of this item to RTC but as you will note hereinbelow, my e-mails have not been surviving their moat monsters.

You may contact Teamsters Local 533 President Gary Watson for comment.

Be well. Raise hell.


March in Solidarity with Riders & Workers

Saturday, October 16
12noon: Meet at the (200 East) 4th Street RTC Bus Station / March to Reno City Hall BELIEVE Plaza (N. Virginia at E. 1st)
12:30-2p.m.: Rally at BELIEVE Plaza featuring Reno City Councilmember Jenny Brekhus

Downtown Reno march in support of striking transit workers
Featuring afflicted passengers, Reno City Councilmember Jenny Brekhus,
Northern Nevada Central Labor Council/AFL-CIO President Mike Pilcher, Teamsters 533 Business Agent Ross Kinson
ThisIsReno.com YouTube Video / 10-16-2021

Sign the "Fire Keolis" Petition

4th Street Station (downtown) at 200 E. 4th Street, 8:00am to 8:00pm Daily
RTC Villanova facility by Wooster High School at 2050 Villanova Drive
8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday

Join us for the RTC Board Meeting: Friday, Oct. 15 at 9:00a.m. PDT
Washoe County Commission Chambers, 1001 E. 9th St. just east of Wells Ave. (Building A)

BREAKING NEWS 10:54 a.m. PDT 10-14-2021 (RTC Washoe @RTCWashoe) — "We have decided to pull the public hearing regarding reduction of transit service from Friday's board meeting agenda. We are sensitive to how these changes affect our riders and RTC is not moving forward with the proposal to reduce RIDE, ACCESS or FlexRIDE service at this time." [EDITOR'S NOTE: GEE, you'd never know there's a strike on with almost zero RTCRide bus service and the specialty systems for seniors and disabled stunted after they were shunted to cover fragments of RIDE routes, as they were in the Hot August Strike.]

BACK TO BUREAUCRATIC PROPAGANDA: "The RTC is anticipating potential transit service changes beginning in January due to unprecedented staffing shortages of drivers regionally and nationwide, a consequence of the pandemic."
[EDITOR'S NOTE: ...AND a consequence of the system being run by a morally obtuse for-profit foreign contractor which has refused to enforce COVID-19 safety mandates, infecting and hospitalizing drivers and support staff — and threatening them with firing if they try to make moonhowlers mask up. Oh, yeah, and trying to bust the workers' union.]

Other than that, have a nice day.

VIDEO: Regional Transportation Commission hearing
Union members, passengers, business owners and community leaders speak in support of transit workers
YouTube Video / 10-15-2021

Barbwire Banned by Busted Bus System
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 10-13-2021

Keolis-19's warm & fuzzy is actually a moldy oldie


Dear Proper Media Persons:
Keolis-19 PR person Rachel Gattuso is very adept at warm and fuzzy buzzwords which mask a gruesome agenda. If you want to see one photo that tells the story of the strike, go to the front page of NevadaLabor.com/
I'll be glad to send you a high-density original, taken by a union bus operator. The least among us who most need the bus system stand with the workers.
Keolis-19, which never met a plague it wanted to fight, again offered a 3 percent pay raise (according to those who believe press releases) when the current inflation rate is 5.3 percent, which means they are actually offering a 2.3 percent PAY CUT IN ADDITION to extending the anachronisms in the expired contract.
Keolis also wants to control selection of shop stewards.
Poll after poll for decades reinforces one thing: The American people understand inflation.
Apparently, Ms. Obtuso, Mr. Akey Breaky and Keolis-19 do not.
Pardon my lack of civility but I don't suffer fools or charlatans gladly.
Be well. Raise hell. Stay safe.
Andrew Barbano


Friday 8 Oct 2021 17:40:24
RE: Purported one-year roll over in exchange for the union withdrawing all (of about 100) labor charges and a 3% wage "increase"

Sisters and Brothers:

What the media reported (from Keolis) tonight has not been offered to the Union bargaining team. Keolis is putting out information to confuse you and the public. Mike Ake from Keolis does not sit in negotiations. The union shop stewards on the bargaining committee can confirm this offer was not presented to the Union at all in the last two days or at any of our bargaining sessions. Keolis offered nothing to resolve the strike. If Mr. Ake wants labor charges to go away, he and Keolis should stop violating labor laws.

Tweet from Local 533 President Gary Watson 5:02 p.m. PDT 10-8-21
Q from Ben Margiott, KRNV TV-4/KRXI TV-11: "Hearing that Keolis is offering to extend current collective bargaining agreement. Is this true? Are the Teamsters going to accept that and end the strike?
WATSON RESPONSE: Keolis hasn't said anything to me. Keolis can end the strike by signing a Tentative Agreement on the bidding/scheduling procedures and we will meet with them on Monday. Keolis refused to end the current strike the last two days of bargaining and offered nothing on bidding/scheduling proposals. No counter, no acceptance or no rejection.
MARGIOTT: So to be clear, you are not accepting their offer?
WATSON: Keolis has made no formal offer to the Teamsters. Keolis knows how to end the strike.

At 4:50 PM -0700 10/8/21, Gary Watson wrote:
The Union is currently on an Unfair (THE DEFINITION OF ILLEGAL UNDER FEDERAL LAW) Labor Practice Strike against Keolis for refusal to bargain in good faith over the bidding/scheduling procedures. The Union presented its bidding/scheduling proposal back on September 10. At the last 2 bargaining sessions on September 9 and 10, Keolis offered no counter proposal or an acceptance of our proposal, instead they offered more delay and stated they couldn’t answer our proposal for 13 days or longer (which keeps the strike active). The Union has been more than willing to bargain with Keolis and we have offered compromise that shows in the tentative agreements we have reached. That compromise has not been reciprocated by Keolis.

They sure make it sound like we abruptly ended the meeting as Ms. Gattuso portrays in her press release. [BELOW] The Union came into negotiations today, offered Keolis a counter proposal, asked Keolis if they had anything for us, they stated "No." We asked again: "Do you have any proposals on bidding/scheduling so the strike could possibly end?" The answer was "No". At that point, and after we presented our proposal, and Keolis refused to offer anything in return, we left. What did they expect from us? A session of patty cake?

I have attached Keolis proposals on what they claim as a streamlined approach for federal and state laws. That approach is to eliminate language that protects union members on active duty for the military and other eliminations regarding leave rights, including Nevada Law that requires 20 days (160 hours) of Domestic Violence leave. (Union’s counter is in line with state law).

Let me know if you have any questions.


EDITOR'S NOTE: If you want the attachments, please let me know.

At 4:50 PM -0700 10/8/21, Gary Watson wrote:
---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Rachel Gattuso <<mailto:rachel@gattusocoalition.com>rachel@gattusocoalition.com>
Date: Fri, Oct 8, 2021 at 3:43 PM
Subject: ADVISORY: Statement from Keolis North America re: Teamsters Local 533 walking out of negotiations 10/8/21
Cc: Rachel Gattuso <<mailto:rachel@gattusocoalition.com>rachel@gattusocoalition.com>

Rachel Gattuso, APR I The Gattuso Coalition
Jenny Fahlbush I Keolis North America
(775) 336-9453

Statement from Keolis North America
Re: Teamsters Local 533 Walking Out of Negotiations, October 8, 2021
RENO, Nev. (October 8, 2021) – “I regret to inform the transit riders in the Truckee Meadows that union leadership for Teamsters Local 533 walked out of planned negotiations today instead of stopping the strike. This is not the first time union leadership has walked out, nor is it the first time they have misrepresented the intent of proposals from Keolis. We are concerned about the lack of respectful discussions and good faith bargaining consistently exhibited by the union leadership because it will not deliver a swift resolution for employees or riders. To reach resolution, we need union leadership to resume good faith bargaining practices. This week we proposed policies around benefits for victims of domestic violence, as well as EEO / Anti-Discrimination language for stronger employee protections against harassment, retaliation, and discrimination. Keolis also proposed language to align the new contract with federal and state law regarding employee choice, military leave, and FMLA. Keolis once more implores leadership to return to conversations so we can reach a resolution.”
– Mike Ake, regional vice president of operations, Keolis North America.

For media inquiries, contact Rachel Gattuso at <mailto:rachel@gattusocoalition.com>rachel@gattusocoalition.com or (775) 336-9453.

Stay tuned for news postings.

Why can Keolis-19 post propaganda on RTC property but workers cannot?
Prepare to be shocked, shocked, by the answer.

Busted bus system: High-paid pimps & thieves
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 10-6-2021

Striking blows for justice
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 9-29-2021

27 September 2021

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal archives—On this day in 1968, readers learned the cost of a haircut was going up. Local members of the Barbers Union, Local 794, voted to increase prices from $2.75 to $3. All other services were to see a proportional increase, we reported. “The need was brought about by the skyrocketing cost of living increases over the past 2-1ž2 years and increased operating expenses,” said Jimmy Treet, the union’s secretary-treasurer.

Reno-Sparks transit system nears implosion
Transit bosses announce mask mandate compliance, then admit they won't enforce
Drivers and mechanics quit, foreign-owned corporation prospers
Mask mandate compliance still ignored. Businesses impacted.
Union calls for contractor firing

James Bilbray, Jr.: Shakespearean Arthurian
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 9-22-2021

Alabaster Bastion bucks up superspreaders
Dirty words to remember on the Ides of September
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno
Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 9-15-2021

Teamsters handbill downtown Reno bus terminal
Charges filed against transit bosses for cell-block bidding
Foreign corporation ignores union contract offer, insists on running scheduling from Texas
Mask mandate compliance still ignored

We have met the enemy and he is us
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 9-8-2021


Déjà vu all over again
Transit bosses announce mask mandate compliance, then admit they won't enforce
Foreign contractor refuses to negotiate with Teamsters
RENO, Nev. (9-1-2021) — "Who's in charge here?" asked Teamsters Local 533 President Gary Watson.
[Much more]

Hail to the Chief
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from the Sparks Tribune 9-1-2021

The bitter taste of positive PR
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from Sparks Tribune 8-25-2021

Union president excoriates Regional Transportation Commissioners' dereliction

Eternal reruns of toxic movies and PR spin
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from Sparks Tribune 8-18-2021

BREAKING NEWS 8-16-2021 5:00 pm PDT / 00:00 8-17 (midnight) GMT

GARY WATSON, President
Teamsters Union Local 533
(775) 348-6060 ext. 104

Keolis Transit refuses to meet with union

BREAKING NEWS 8-12-2021 11:00 pm PDT —
Teamsters win on health care, end Reno-Sparks transit strike

Bus bosses sic cops & doorshaker goons on peaceful picketers

Get on your hiking boots and pick up a picket
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / NevadaLabor.com 8-10-2021 / Expanded from Sparks Tribune 8-11-2021 / Expansions in blue

MEOW MIX: Laborers' Union goes after Harrah's rat remodeling with a giant inflatable fat cat
By Jason Hidalgo / rgj.com 8-9-2021

Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / SPECIAL WEB INVESTIGATIVE EXTRA 8-4-2021

Mississippi West re-run & Hot August Strike 1.911
Barbwire by Andrew Quarantino Barbáno / Expanded from Sparks Tribune 8-4-2021