Support for striking Granite Construction drivers



SPARKS (8-16-2009) — Memo from Todd Koch to building trades union leaders


I am requesting and encouraging each and every one of you in supporting the Teamsters on their pickets with your members if Paul Tea needs it on Monday.

I believe that the issue goes far beyond the parties involved in this dispute. This is the AGC's* first attempt to take down wages in our Building and Construction Trades Council.

We will most certainly be next. By standing together today, we will protect our members' wages that we have worked so hard for and fought to protect.

In Solidarity,

Todd Koch, President
Building and Construction Trades Council of Northern Nevada/AFL-CIO
* Associated General Contractors

RENO (8-15-2009) — I am confident that Reno Wobblies stand ready to support IBT 533 in their resistance to exploitation. Just let us know what help is needed and desired.

Paul Lenart, Reno IWW

Dear Sir and Brother:

Paul Tea says thanks for the generous offer of support. Come on down! Picket locations will follow shortly.

Be well. Raise hell.

In Solidarity,


LAS VEGAS (8-15-2009) — Andrew, as Teamster member in Las Vegas and VP of Paradise Democratic Club, I wholeheartly support my brothers and sisters in every level, as this tyranny must stop, and be looked into as a cancer that must never spread in this day and age. These large profitable corporations are using the downturn that was basically caused by these bad companies and their greed and they want to create more hardship? They certainly do not tell you about the good times, only the bad and how they want all workers to heed the call and bend to them. Tell Mr.Tea
do not allow this to happen. When LaFarge went into a certain area in NY State, they pulled the same tactic on Teamster ready mix drivers, and literally extorted them to a wage cut or they were going to take all the trucks and bury in the new-bought quarry and end the area's ready-mix service.

This is America?

I have been in around unionism since I was brought to picket line at age 11, and I am 60, so I never run from a fight.

Please Andrew, until the struggle is won the struggle goes on!

Forward to Mr. Tea.


Paul L. DePierro, Las Vegas

VIRGINIA (8-15-2009) —You go, boys. Ran up against Granite in city hall. The self-styled mafia boss owner, actually smirked when his pal the chamber of commerce pres. tried to snatch my camera. Golly did I have to restrain myself from kicking that one in the nuts. Had a clear shot too. Also recall chatting about Granite back in the '80's, with now deceased NV Power exec. John Saibini. Asked him back then why Granite had come to town when we had so many other big construction companies, including the bribe king that went under.... Saibini said that "Granite is like the rat that smells the cheese on the counter." The cheese was the Railroad Track job. I laughed back then but it turned out to be true. — Jan Chastain, Nevada expatriate in Virginia

LAS VEGAS (8-15-2009) — Thanks for the update. I have two words for the time at hand: “fear & conquer.” Since the beginning of time, the two words have been used. Unions have to stand firm or they are conquered. I have lived through the good times and the bad. Without unions. people weren’t anything but slaves. In the beginning, fire and brimstone. Now, the state of the economy fear. I’m 82 years old. Give them hell. Stand firm. — Don Howe, Retired Teamster


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