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Aug. 2012-Aug. 2013: the Barbwire's Silver Anniversary Year
Barbwire by Barbano moved to the Daily Sparks (Nev.) Tribune on Aug. 12, 1988, and has originated in them parts ever since.
How a hall-of-famer's hunch birthed the Barbwire in August of 1987
Tempus fugit.

Sandoval, César Chávez and the Grateful Dead
Barbwire by Barbano / Expanded from the 3-21-2013 Daily Sparks Tribune
Updated 4-16-2013

   "When your children and grandchildren take their place in America, going to high school and college and taking good jobs at good pay — when you look at them, you will say, 'I did this. I was there, at the point of difficulty and danger'. And though you may be old and bent from many years of labor, no man will stand taller than you when you say, 'I marched with César'."
— Senator Robert F. Kennedy

HAT TRICK: Barbwire wins 3rd straight Nevada Press Association First-Place Award



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Updated 8-30-2011
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If Reform Fails: Health Care, Jobs and Unions — new power to the people on the public airwaves

The program premiers were available to every television set in the region because of a high-mileage media hybrid.

The shows appeared on both commercial and community stations. The non-corporate entity produced the events, commercial TV greatly expanded distribution.

Thus began an ongoing series of sane public interest programs which generate both entertaining heat and more than a little light.

Please spread the word and consider contributing to the cause online at ReSurge.TV.

You may also take the public option known as the U.S. Postal Service and send a check or money order to ReSurge.TV, P.O. Box 10034, Reno NV 89510.

Your contribution will help fund the distribution as well as ongoing efforts at developing new media, including a regional, non-corporate community radio station and the return of community television to Reno-Sparks-Washoe.

You are present at the creation of what I hope can become a new media model where the programming accurately reflects what's happening on the ground and the media impact is powerful enough to forcefully pass the message upward.


Be well. Raise hell.


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15-year overnight success

Daily Sparks Tribune 2-10-2008

The Barbwire's Greatest Hits
Highlights from radio days
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HAT TRICK: Barbwire wins 3rd straight Nevada Press Association First-Place Award


Almost half a century has passed since RFK uttered those words.

The ranks of Chàvez originals thin by the day.

The Reno-Sparks NAACP lost a great one with the death of Mary Valencia Wilson in 2011.

Two of her contemporaries will speak on March 28 at Nevada César Chàvez Day XI at Reno's Circus Circus.

Former Nevadan Maria Zamora will return from California to talk about the old days. In the Sixties, she marched through California with César and cooked for the multitudes. (Napolean was entirely correct when he said that "an army travels on its stomach.")

At past events, she displayed items from her world class César collection, including a signed United Farm Workers flag.

United Auto Workers boxing impresario George "Battling" Nelson has been drafted into double duty.

He was there when UAW President Walter Reuther, the greatest labor leader of the 20th Century, brought all the resources of his giant organization to bear for Chàvez.

The UAW funded operations and acquied land in Keene, Calif, where the union's headquarters stand today (rare photo at the link, above).

History lessons will be accompanied by vintage photos and documentary video.

Nelson will also advocate for a posthumous presidential pardon for Jack Johnson, the first African-American heavyweight champion who a century ago was convicted of the crime of being black.

U.S. Sens. Harry Reid, D-Searchlight, and John McCain, R-Moonhowlers, recently re-launched their campaign for the Johnson pardon. Petitions will be available at the event.

The man who taught César Chàvez how to organize is also up for presidential recognition.

A national campaign is underway to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the late Fred Ross, Sr.

Fred Ross, Jr. will speak. He is employed as (what else?) a regional union organizer with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1245/AFL-CIO.

Members of César Chàvez's immediate family have always attended. His nephew Ramon, who lives here, will bring his.

Inaugural honoree Darlene Jespersen will install new colleagues in the César Chàvez Nevada Labor Hall of Fame.

The Legislative Hispanic Caucus will come out in force but the most prominent no-show will be Nevada's first Hispanic chief executive.

Gov. Brian Sandoval has now scored a threepeat —> skipping the third César event of his tenure.

Like last year, he has apparently overlooked the Nevada law mandating his issuance of a César Chàvez Day proclamation.

Should he remember, we will welcome his delivering it in person.

The awesome Carla Castedo, who initiated César Chàvez celebrations at UNR, will bring Mi Familia Vota, her new organization devoted to voter participation and immigration reform.

Artist Erik Holland, whose painting of the Chàvez long march graces, will display new work about workers.

We will wallpaper the Mandalay Ballroom with SaveMart SHARES cards, a free fundraising program in which the NAACP and several unions participate. SaveMart food and drug stores are union shops.

SUNDAY FOR SATURDAY: To save Saturday delivery, postal workers and a few hundred of their closest friends will demonstrate in front of the Reno Main Branch at 2000 Vassar Street, 3:00 to 5:00p.m. Sunday, March 24.

Contact: Clancy McCarthy, (775) 250-8348. Click here for the full story.

WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING WAGES. Ex-Sparks Tribune columnist, non-union contractor and Sparks Republican Assemblymember Ira Hansen's bill (AB211) to cut construction wages is up at 8:00a.m. this Wednesday in the Assembly Government Affairs Committee chaired by Assemblymember Theresa Benitez-Thompson, D-Reno.

A street demonstration follows. You will find full details and a link thru which to send lawmakers your opinion via the above link.


RENDER UNTO CÉSAR—> CÉSAR CHÁVEZ CELEBRATION XI happens on Thursday, 28 March 2013, at Circus Circus-Reno. (Cocktails at 6:00 p.m., dinner at 7:15 p.m.)

Antacids available for all who suffer thru Sen. Heller's joint address earlier in the afternoon.

The César soirée during the 2011 legislative session almost drew a floor session quorum and this year may well break that record.

For more, including the history of the event going back to 1986, go to

You may view sponsorship information and purchase advance tickets at the website.

Prices go up as the event gets closer.

HONOR YOUR DON. Keep sending comments supporting legendary Nevada photographer Don Dondero (1920-2003) for the Nevada Press Association Hall of Fame.

His life's work appeared worldwide, including this newspaper.

Enlist in the campaign to install Big Don.

Please send me your memories and endorsements via e-mail or to P.O. Box 10034, Reno NV 89510.

The Barbwire got the late RGJ columnist Guy Richardson elected last year.

Let's go for a repeat.

BARBWIRE.TV. Support the return of community TV to these parts.

If last year's elections didn't convince you of the need, the 2013 legislature certainly will.

Join up. You may donate at ReSurge.TV or contact me.

This is important. Thank you.

VOTE FOR THE LUCKY 13, the most powerful Nevadans of 2013. Send nominations to <>

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I broke a bushel of major stories last year which the above lead item will very probably top. Blowing out more than a century of Nevada law in one swell foop doesn't happen every day.

Turn on, tune in and tell a friend.

Be well. Raise hell. / Esté bien. Haga infierno. (Pardon my Spanglish.)


Andrew Barbano is a 44-year Nevadan, chair of the Nevada César Chávez Committee, producer of Nevada's annual César Chávez Day celebration, first vice-president and political action chair of the Reno-Sparks NAACP, labor/consumer/civil rights advocate, member of Communications Workers of America Local 9413/AFL-CIO and editor of and As always, his opinions are strictly his own. Check local listings for other Nevada cable systems. E-mail Barbwire by Barbano has originated in the Daily Sparks Tribune since 1988.

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Barbwire by Barbano / Expanded from the 9-6-2012 Daily Sparks Tribune

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Union decline and rising inequality in two charts
by Colin Gordon
Economic Policy Institute / 6-5-2012

Used in
journalist Mark Robison's extensive Hard Labor: Nevada unions tout role in helping workers, firms, economy (Sunday 2 Sept. 2012 Reno Gazette-Journal, page one, Reno Rebirth section of the print edition). Union men Jim Burrell, Paul McKenzie and Guy Louis Rocha did the movement proud. Not included in the RGJ online edition.

The Barbwire Labor Day column
Reno Gazette-Journal / 9-3-2012

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HAT TRICK: Barbwire takes first place three years in a row.

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Barbwire by Barbano moved to the Daily Sparks (Nev.) Tribune on Aug. 12, 1988, and has originated in them parts ever since.
How a hall-of-famer's hunch birthed the Barbwire in August of 1987
Tempus fugit.

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